Sunday, October 17, 2010

Multi save files

This is to let you all know of the success and failures of trying to create a program to create additional save files. I was thinking why reinvent the wheel to coin a phrase, so that being the first part of my plan and looked at how BarryK was making the save files in the first place. In the shutdown script is all that you need to start work on a program to make additional save files. Or so I thought, yes I did have some success making a new save files and even got it to format to 3fs format. That is where things started going wrong for I was unable to get MyWolfe to boot off of that save file. I even change the original one to wolfsave.bak thinking that I could then boot off of the new one and get things going that way. NO luck, what I am thinking is that the last part of BarryK shutdown script writes the temp save file to the new save file and that in turns identifies it as a true save file. I have not found a way to write that info yet and the drawback is that it would be the same as the old one. But then it would be changeable.

The next best thing I could come up with for now is if you still have the CD of the MyWolfe install then boot up with it and when the boot screen get to boot parameters type in "puppy pfix=ram" without the quites. Then locate the dir your old save files is in and change it to wolfsave.bak. Then boot off of your hard drive and set the root password and video settings and then save it but the most important thing is to be sure and give it a personalize name to it. That way it would look like this wolfsave-personalizedname.3fs. By doing this you will each have your own root password and if you use encryption that too will be a personalized password. I have tested this an have two save files and each has it own root password and one is encrypted and that too works.

By doing this  you can have your system the way you want it and have it load up what sfs that you need and others and have there own desktop with there own background  and sounds. If you have any trouble understanding this let me know and I will try and help

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