MyWolfe is build using Barry Kauler's woof build scripts. It is what is called a puppy derivative or a puplet. It is based on the core files Barry uses for all his puppy's compiled on the T2 system development environment. There are many files that I have compile myself but it is the woof build system that does all the hard work of making the ISO and thus MyWolfe is available to all of you.

Starting with MyWolfe-028 I finally fully understood all that was needed to get the Xfce desktop working and functioning in MyWolfe. It has been a favorite desktop of mine but it seems nobody had it as the first choice as the desktop for there operating system. So it never seemed to work just right, my goal is to get it right and keep it stable.

A common set of program in all MyWolfes will be for web browsing Firefox, and for your multimedia pleasure Xine media player and for photo editing the Gimp image editor.

MyWolfe is able to be run from a CD, thumb drive, frugal install or a full install.

MyWolfe use Puppy Package Manager for installing or removing of software, this to was created by Barry Kauler.