Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks Givings

Just wanted to take the time to wish all a good day, me I am playing around with some code and just doing odds and ends have a turkey cooking and plan on eating to much


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have a young lady at home that likes to play the wormux game so I decided to compile the latest version for her. In that interest you all get to have fun to and it is not just the the young it is for the young at heart too. Here is version of the wormux get it here wormux- I did in sfs form because it is 99.2 megs in size. If you are running MyWolfe-021 you will need to install the following for it to work.

Other MyWolfe or puppy version will need

Monday, November 22, 2010

LibraOffice 3.3-b3

I have not kept up with the changing times so this caught me off guard. So I have put together all the files necessary for libraoffice to run on MyWolfe-021. This version that I have put together is for i586 so it will not run on older computers if there is a call for the older version I will take the time to put one to together. I did not put in all the language packages for each was about 18 megs each so if you need a language package I will download it and put it up for you. You can download it for here LibraOffice3.3-b3_21.sfs.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dev sfs 021

I have uploaded the develement sfs for MyWolfe-021 and if you need it or are wanting to try your had at compiling or coding then get it here wolfe_devx_021.sfs



BarryK create a openoffice sfs and I have taken it for a test spin in MyWolfe 021 and all seam to be just fine so have put it at my Sourceforge site and here is the link for you to down load it OpenOffice-3.1.1-sfs4.sfs .


Saturday, November 20, 2010

MyWolfe 021 is ready for download

I had to upload it to sourcforge first for I was unable to get it uploaded to Google-code so you can download it here MyWolfe-021

Release notes

I would like to let everybody know that MyWolfe-021 is now ready for download. This has a lot of under the hood upgrades of the libs; of the most noted the gtk+, glib and glibc. I have changed the desk top back to the puppy style with all the setup and config menus at the top. I have turned the background back over to rox. Now that the background change is working and my idea for trying to make a better puplet did not work out the way I planed, you can have a better way to set up the back ground. With this come back the auto mounting of rox with the items showing up on the desktop in the lower left hand corner. I have left only two icons the trash can and the lock screen on the desktop, the wbar is still there and fadded so as not to be distracting.

I will have to say that Gimp is no longer in MyWolfe I was unable to keep it stable so for the time being it is out.

I have also put in the libs needed by chrome to be able to use the google-phone plugin.

Just to let everybody know it still has the kernel the 1.7.1 xserver and the 7.3 Xorg.

Friday, November 19, 2010

MyWolfe 21

I have finished MyWolfe 21 and have tried to upload it to my google code site but have not had much luck. As soon as I get all it worked out will let every body know.