Saturday, November 20, 2010

MyWolfe 021 is ready for download

I had to upload it to sourcforge first for I was unable to get it uploaded to Google-code so you can download it here MyWolfe-021

Release notes

I would like to let everybody know that MyWolfe-021 is now ready for download. This has a lot of under the hood upgrades of the libs; of the most noted the gtk+, glib and glibc. I have changed the desk top back to the puppy style with all the setup and config menus at the top. I have turned the background back over to rox. Now that the background change is working and my idea for trying to make a better puplet did not work out the way I planed, you can have a better way to set up the back ground. With this come back the auto mounting of rox with the items showing up on the desktop in the lower left hand corner. I have left only two icons the trash can and the lock screen on the desktop, the wbar is still there and fadded so as not to be distracting.

I will have to say that Gimp is no longer in MyWolfe I was unable to keep it stable so for the time being it is out.

I have also put in the libs needed by chrome to be able to use the google-phone plugin.

Just to let everybody know it still has the kernel the 1.7.1 xserver and the 7.3 Xorg.

1 comment:

  1. I wrote you commenting on my attempts at getting Wormux to work. I've since gone on in my fooling around with MyWolfe 021 to:

    1. Add a splash screen photo to grub
    2. Add my own startup/re-boot/shut down sounds
    3. Add Firefox and it's symlink to my desktop with a
    Firefox icon
    4. drag pupdial to the desktop and add an icon
    5. use my own photos of a nearby bicycle path as

    Dunno, for some reason the tasks are easier in MyWolfe.
    It also seems that streaming videos play better with it.

    And the Xine video player seems to work more smoothly than GXine.
    What have you done that makes your distro seem to work ewasier and better?

    And how do I get Gimp to work? Have you researched more on that?