Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building in woof begins

I now have the files I need to start to build MyWolfe-030 going thought the woof build system now. Being they are in tar.bz2 format it takes longer than a pet build so it may take some time then have to see if I have it configed right to boot. This build will have the linux-kernel- with all the modules I could get prebuild. It will have the xorg-server-1.9.4 I put in all the normal input video drivers that are in most puppys, there are some more I may put in later. It has taken me a while to get this far with learning how the T2-project worked then building the files needed by woof to build the packages and trouble shooting my error I made in typing them in. I have high hopes for this build just hope I don't run into to much trouble getting it all to run smooth.


  1. Hi Grumpy, just checking to see if you are continuing work on this. I think I remember reading on PL Forum you might have stopped. If you have stopped, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your work. Thanks, Rob
    aka oligin10 on puppy linux forum

  2. excellent SO
    waiting wolfe 0.30