Monday, March 28, 2011

Puppys Roots

Hi MyWolfe fans I am working on a new set of files for MyWolfe and have decided to go back to Puppylinuxs roots the T2-Project build system. Barry has used lately the T2-8rc files to build Puppylinux 2.10, 4.0 and Quirky in 2009. Now I am trying to get all the files compiled for x86 processors built at the i686 level. Now this may not work for everybody but a lot of the computers today are i686 or higher. Puppylinux as produced by Barry are done on the i486 level because he is trying to be able to run on as many of the older computers can be done. T2 has the ability to build at many levels and cross builds too. It has a set up for Atom processors but that would limit MyWolfe a lot maybe make a separate build just for net-books next not sure. It has been a learning experience for one thing but I do like to tinker with the different build systems. I have had this little net-book working on the T2 build system for 2 days now and am fixing broken packages and trying to build them.

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